So when I started the Saving St. Louis franchise, I really didn’t think about the NHL trade deadline being just days away, so I’m going to update the rosters and hit the reset button. Since I didn’t make it to far, it wont be to big of a deal. I’ll have a better sense of what to do with the club moving forward without the presence of Kevin Shattenkirk.

Also an update on The Last Of Us. I just left Colorado and Joel suffered a serious injury. I have to say, I am absolutely hooked!

I’m invested in this trip between Ellie and Joel.

It’s entertaining, challenging, and just flat out pulls you in. I have a feeling I’ll be taking over the role of Ellie with the injury to Joel. It only makes sense.

The story line of this game is one of the better ones I’ve played. I’ve been pulled into the characters stories, I care about them, but damn what’s the deal with these hunters? They are literally everywhere. Seriously, did everyone just because hunters in the apocalypse?

I wish I had the gadgets to record my play through, because I’d totally love to post and have you follow along, even if you played it already, as I make my journey to keep Ellie safe.

I hope to have the updated rosters by this weekend on NHL17 so you can expect a new post coming soon. Also planning a top 10 list coming out this weekend as well!


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