Everyone has a certain video game series that they play religiously. I have a few. Pokemon, NHL, Final Fantasy, and Call of Duty. Yeah, a little mainstream, but I could never get into the Fallout games, the Dark Souls games (Though I played the pain in the ass game known as Dark Souls 3), and PC gaming was never for me.

I am a big sports game guy, and fantasy games are fun too, but there is something about Call of Duty that always pull you in. It never fails, no matter how unrealistic things get. I haven’t played Infinite Warfare yet, but you can bet that I will eventually. Let’s be honest though, we’re all waiting for the Modern Warfare 2 remake.

So below, I will talk about my top five moments to happen in Call of Duty. This is my personal opinion, but feedback on your top five is always good. Let’s get started, shall we?


5. Dust to Dust – Modern Warfare 3

Let’s face it, Makarov was one of the most hated  bad guys in all of Call of Duty.

What a great sight this was to see.

He was the guy you utterly pissed you off while playing through the Modern Warfare franchise, and the mission Dust to Dust was the perfect ending to his reign. You play as the one and only, Captain Price, marching through the map in that badass juggernaut suit, just to crash his chopper and hang the bastard will go down as one of the most fulfilling moments throughout the history of the franchise.


4. Loose Ends – Modern Warfare 2

This is the one moment that pissed me off the most in the CoD franchise. The man leading all of your missions, the man behind one of the biggest betrayals in gaming history, General Shepherd. If you seen it coming, good for you. If you didn’t you were likely just as pissed as I was when it happened.

You complete your mission, you survive. Then just like that, Shepherd puts a bullet into Roach and Ghost. Then, while still live, they are burned alive. Roach was a good support character, but let’s be honest, the real reason why you were pissed off is because of Ghost. He was a main character, and was, outside of Price, was my favorite character in CoD history. Still makes me mad thinking about it.


3. Sin City – Ghosts

The only entry on my list that isn’t from a Modern Warfare game, and that has to be the death of Elias in CoD Ghost. I was a fan of Elias, and the fact that Rouke killed him in front of his sons was gut wrenching.

Yes, you manage to live, thanks to Keegan, but the damage is done. I can’t imagine watching anyone being killed like that, much less a family member, or more importantly, a parent. This was another scene in a long list of scenes, that just hit you right in the feels. Damn Infinity Ward.


2. The Airport Massacre (No Russian) – Modern Warfare 2

You’re undercover with Makarov’s crew, and the title speaks for itself. You enter an airport terminal, and you have to kill EVERYONE. This mission sparked a TON of controversy, and for good reason. If you’re like me, someone who tries to actually put themselves in the shoes of the character they are playing, this mission fucked with you. As an American, terrorist attacks are a legitimate issue, and this one particular mission was exactly that. A straight up terror attack. Then of course, your character eats a bullet at the end of the mission. This one messed with me, and just added onto the hate I already held for Makarov.


1. Endgame – Modern Warfare 2

If you’ve made it here, and you didn’t think that this was going to be number one, well, I don’t know what to tell you. When Shepherd killed Ghost, I wanted nothing more than to put  a bullet in his head. Of course that wasn’t the end result, but the end result was good enough for me.

The greatest felling ever felt while playing Call of Duty.

You play as Soap for this mission, and you start off chasing Shepherd in an epic boat chase. You’re driving the boat and you and Price are mowing down assholes to get to Shepherd. Price finally shoots down the helicopter that Shepherd is trying to make off in, just before your boat falls down on hell of a waterfall.

You awake, disoriented and you have to make your way to Shepherd, you have to kill him. Before you put him down, he puts a knife through your chest. Price and Shepherd then engage in an epic fist fight, that you can only see half of, since you’re to busy pulling the knife from your sternum.

The end result? Shepherd is seconds away from killing Price, you finally get the knife free from your chest, and you throw it. The knife enters the face of Shepherd, and relief sets in. I’m not going to lie, when I landed the throw, I jumped out of my chair in excitement. Finally killing that traitorous bastard gave me the best feeling in any CoD game I’ve played.



That’s it for my top five CoD moments in history. Hopefully if you enjoyed it, please let me know! I’ll be doing many more top 5/10 lists in the future, so I hope you’ll follow along!


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