Saving St. Louis/The Last Of Us

So when I started the Saving St. Louis franchise, I really didn’t think about the NHL trade deadline being just days away, so I’m going to update the rosters and hit the reset button. Since I didn’t make it to far, it wont be to big of a deal. I’ll have a better sense of what to do with the club moving forward without the presence of Kevin Shattenkirk.

Also an update on The Last Of Us. I just left Colorado and Joel suffered a serious injury. I have to say, I am absolutely hooked!

I’m invested in this trip between Ellie and Joel.

It’s entertaining, challenging, and just flat out pulls you in. I have a feeling I’ll be taking over the role of Ellie with the injury to Joel. It only makes sense. Read more

The Last Of Us

So I have a confession to make. I’ve never played The Last Of Us. I’ve wanted to for a long time, but never did get the chance to get it.

Tonight, that changed. An $18 well spent in my opinion. Everyone I know who’s played this game, had loved it. Note I finally get my turn at it.

I know a little about this, so I think I might do write ups about my opinion about the game. Not gonna lie, I am pretty hyped right now.

Top 5 Call of Duty Moments

Everyone has a certain video game series that they play religiously. I have a few. Pokemon, NHL, Final Fantasy, and Call of Duty. Yeah, a little mainstream, but I could never get into the Fallout games, the Dark Souls games (Though I played the pain in the ass game known as Dark Souls 3), and PC gaming was never for me.

I am a big sports game guy, and fantasy games are fun too, but there is something about Call of Duty that always pull you in. It never fails, no matter how unrealistic things get. I haven’t played Infinite Warfare yet, but you can bet that I will eventually. Let’s be honest though, we’re all waiting for the Modern Warfare 2 remake.

So below, I will talk about my top five moments to happen in Call of Duty. This is my personal opinion, but feedback on your top five is always good. Let’s get started, shall we?


5. Dust to Dust – Modern Warfare 3

Let’s face it, Makarov was one of the most hated ¬†bad guys in all of Call of Duty.

What a great sight this was to see.

He was the guy you utterly pissed you off while playing through the Modern Warfare franchise, and the mission Dust to Dust was the perfect ending to his reign. You play as the one and only, Captain Price, marching through the map in that badass juggernaut suit, just to crash his chopper and hang the bastard will go down as one of the most fulfilling moments throughout the history of the franchise. Read more

Surging Start Helps Blues

After a solid pre-season record of 4-2, the Blues were looking forward to the regular season to start. Vladimir Tarasenko looked up to speed in pre-season with five goals, and three assists.

There were no real surprises in training camp, other than the play of Kenny Agostino. He played in five games, posting 3 goals, 2 assists. He’s earned a spot on the Blues out of camp and will be starting on the third line. The current line up is as follows;

Read more

NHL 17 Be A GM – St. Louis Blues

For my first post, I figure I’ll get things started quickly. I’ll do a lot of breaking down of play through’s on various games. I’m going to start with a Be A GM series with the St. Louis Blues.


I like to play any sports games as realistically as possible, so you wont see me trading five first round picks for Sidney Crosby. I’ll try and build the St. Louis Blues into a Stanley Cup champion while trying to keep as much realism as possible.

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